Friday, July 3, 2009

Honesty, the Best Policy

One bright and sunny afternoon, Ben was racing along a pavement outside his school. He was thinking of his favourite television show that was about to start. He headed home quickly.

In a gleam of an eye, he spotted a black purse. As Ben was a curious boy, he stopped his running and walked towards the purse.

Ben grabbed the purse and stared at it. After a while, Ben decided to unzip the purse. Ben saw a ruby necklace, three keys and some coins. Ben scanned around just to check if anyone would come to claim the purse. However, nobody came to claim the purse.

Ben's face lit up as he thought of a brilliant idea to take the purse to the police station. The police praised Ben for his honesty and bravery. Ben felt that he had done the right thing.

At Ben's home, Ben's parents were so delighted when Ben told the story to them. Ben's parents even gave him a small present.

by Pri 2 child

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Good Beetle

Once upon a time there was a little, good beetle. He was very kind. He even allowed people to eat him.

One day, somebody ate him! Then everyone was very sad. So they killed the people who ate the beetle. They remembered what the beetle's last words were: "Be kind and don't forget about me!"

Then everyone was happy.

by Pri 1 child

A Fantasy Story

One day, Esther and Joey were doing their tuition homework given by Mdm Foo.

"I cannot take it anymore!" screamed Esther. "Yah, I just wish I could kidnap her." said Joey. "That's it!" said Esther. She whispered some words to Joey. They ran past their mother and said, "Mum, we need to use to phone to call someone important..." With the phone, they ran into their room and locked the door.

They called Mdm Foo and said, "Mdm Foo, we have a party for you. Can you come to our house?" Mdm Foo replied, "Yes, I am free and can come to your house now."

Esther and Joey prepared a net and a very strong rubber band. When Mdm Foo arrived, they shouted, "SURPRISE!" and the net was thrown on Mdm Foo. Poor Mdm Foo was captured in their home-made net. Joey quickly tied the rubber band round the net.

Suddenly, the police broke through their door. "FREEZE!" they shouted. Esther and Joey quickly put glue on their legs and hands, and climbed up the ceiling. The police shouted, "Come down now!" Esther and Joey jumped up and down on the policemen until they got hurt. The policemen ran out of the door and said, "These children and the worst and scariest children I'd ever met."

"Mdm Foo, you promise not to give us anymore homework and we will quit your lesson now!" shouted Esther and Joey. "Ok, whatever you want," cowered Mdm Foo. "Just don't hurt me." A deal was struck, and Esther and Joey untied Mdm Foo from the net.

by Pri 1 and Pri 2 children

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fake Cupcake Receipe

Lo and La were sitting in their Science class as Mr. Tan explained the lesson. After school, Lo and La decided to plan a prank on the cafeteria ladies. They sat down and began creating a fake cupcake receipe. "We'll just add two boxes of baking soda and two bottles of vinegar to this receipe," said Lo. "And whoever makes these cupcakes will get a BIG surprise!" "Great idea!" laughed La.

The next morning, Lo and La strolled into the canteen and taped a card to the kitchen door. Soon, the cafeteria ladies arrived. "Oh look," said Ms Lum. "Today is the pricipal's birthday and he wants us to make cupcakes for the whole school." The cafeteria ladies gathered all the ingredients together and started baking the 'fake' cupcakes. When Ms Lum poured the vinegar in, the mixing bowl started to rumble and then......"KABOOM!" Everything exploded and became a sticky, green liquid. "Ahhh......!" screamed the cafeteria ladies.

In the afternoon, the cafeteria ladies had a meeting in the principal's sticky, green office. "But it wasn't even my birthday," cried Mr. Principal. "We had nothing to do with this," cried the cafeteria ladies. "We think it's those two awful boys, Lo and La!" "Of course it was Lo and La!" yelled Mr. Principal. "But do you have any proof?"

"Proof?" shouted the cafeteria ladies. "Why, Lo and La are always messing things up. We're fed up with those two boys." "I can't punish them if we don't have proof." said Mr. Principal. "Fine," said the cafeteria ladies. "Then we quit." "Ladies," pleaded Mr. Principal. "Be reasonable!"

The cafeteria ladies did not care. They went out in a rage. "Rats!" cried Mr. Principal. "Now where am I going to find three new cafeteria ladies?"

Reader, please continue to story to solve Mr. Principal's dilema......

by Pri 2 child

The Wilted Flower

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam. He has a garden outside his house.

One day, his flower wilted but he did not know. He went to the garden and saw that his flower had died. He was very sad. His mum saw Sam crying in the garden. She said to him, "It is ok, I can grow another flower for you. Sam, please don't cry."

Sam stopped crying. He was happy again.
by Pri 1 child

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Kind Deed

One night, there was a chicken searching for food in a village. Not far away, there was also an eagle searching for food.

Suddenly, a hunter entered the village gates. He wanted to hunt for a chicken. He wanted to have chicken rice for dinner. A few minutes later, he found the chicken he wanted. As he was aiming for the chicken, he took a step back and fell into a deep, dark hole. The hunter was very frightened. The chicken escaped. The hunter shouted,"Help, help, HELP!"

The eagle heard his cries and went to the rescue. It swooped down into the hole and pulled out the hunter. Once the hunter was pulled out, he realised he had been cruel to the chicken. First, he thanked the eagle for saving his life. Second, for his ''chicken rice dinner'', he went to a store and bought chicken rice.

The hunter didn't want to hurt the other animals, so he quitted his job as a hunter. His boss was disappointed with him. But now, the kind hearted hunter that it was the right thing to do. The next day they came back into the village for a.................. GROUP HUG!

by Pri 2 child