Friday, July 3, 2009

Honesty, the Best Policy

One bright and sunny afternoon, Ben was racing along a pavement outside his school. He was thinking of his favourite television show that was about to start. He headed home quickly.

In a gleam of an eye, he spotted a black purse. As Ben was a curious boy, he stopped his running and walked towards the purse.

Ben grabbed the purse and stared at it. After a while, Ben decided to unzip the purse. Ben saw a ruby necklace, three keys and some coins. Ben scanned around just to check if anyone would come to claim the purse. However, nobody came to claim the purse.

Ben's face lit up as he thought of a brilliant idea to take the purse to the police station. The police praised Ben for his honesty and bravery. Ben felt that he had done the right thing.

At Ben's home, Ben's parents were so delighted when Ben told the story to them. Ben's parents even gave him a small present.

by Pri 2 child

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